Lineworks for Wall

Hello Everyone,

I got a situation in Revit, I was wondering If that could be solved with dynamo.

There are sandwiched walls in the project the ones inside are the plaster as show in the picture. I would like to hide the lines of the inner face of the plaster wall only in the plan.

I tried using View filter to hide or change the cut line of the wall but when I do the former the wall tags hides along with the wall, and latter doesn’t work good since overriding the cut lines affects the other sandwiched wall. so I have to use “Linework” to hide hundreds of wall.

So to my main question, Is there a way to give "Invisible Line " value to the Inner face of the wall boundaries in plan using dynamo. I don’t know where to start with this problem?

Much appreciate your help and suggestions.

P.S: The walls are two separate elements, its not a layer inside one wall family.

Interesting question.

Not sure if you can override an individual edge of an element with Dynamo. If you can, however, you’d need to hide 2 edges - one for each wall element.

Start by collecting the walls and then finding their edges and go from there.

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Why not filter the walls by wall type and set the line style to not print? Might get odd results on the core wall to remain (a thinner line). Assuming you want to keep the hatch pattern?

This could help, I think (Element.Override nodes are from Rhythm, WallSuperFilter is from ChynamoApp, but another selecting method could also work):

Of course, all edges of the selected elements are overriden here…
I just wonder: what’s the point of making those lines invisible?

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Hello @JacobSmall, I am not aware of how to set the Line style to not print that will really solve my problem. The hatch patterns should be hidden too, that was easily done using the filter.

Hi @Yna_Db, Many thanks for your example it works well but as you mentioned it overrides all the four edges.

The intention of making this is in the construction drawings it should have all the plaster walls and wall tags shown. While in the drawings to present for the contractors the clear width and length of the room are to be highlighted, so the plaster walls should be hidden but not the wall tags.

This could inspire you:

Here, I recreate lines by offsetting the room finish boundaries, but any other method to select the needed curves could work as well…

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I have a workaround for you. It’s creating filled regions on top of the walls so it looks like a single wall:

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@Yna_Db perfect solution for my problem. Thanks a lot once again :slight_smile:

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