PolyCurve Deconstruct after Offset

Hi Guys
i was trying to offset a polycurve .The result after offset is a curve but what i require is a Polycurve how to deconstruct it and iam unable to create model curve using that curve output please help me out

Hi @dineshsubramani;

I don’t fully understand what you mean but, you mean something like this:

hi @blsalvio
i have a set of curves and want to offset the curves without breaking it so i converted into polycurve and when i offset that poly curve i get output as curve but i cant get any points except the start and end point
i need it as poly curve after offsetting it

hi @dineshsubramani,

please upload your dyn and revit file.

You can use Geometry.Explode to break down the offset curve to something that can be used for Model Curves

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This works Thanks a lot @Thomas_Corrie and @blsalvio