Point Cloud - Dynamo - Revit

Hello world,

I am currently working on modelling in Revit from a point cloud. So far i have managed to bring a .obj into dynamo. And now i will like to bring it into the Revit environment, I will leave a screenshot.


This thread should help:

I imagine your mesh might be too complex though.

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Perhaps try to split the .obj into smaller parts if this is the case.

Are you trying to use a mesh instead of a point cloud for reference geometry?
Or trying to make the .obj file into a point cloud to insert into Revit?

Thank you all!

I will try your suggestions. I have brought the Mesh as an .obj from Scene software. So my reference geometry is a mesh created from a Point Cloud, i will try the suggestions given and cleaning the point cloud to create a simpler mesh. I will keep you all updated with the outcome

How are you getting on with this @vvarela13?
You can also reduce complexity of the geometry by merging co-planear faces using Meshlab…

Meshes into Revit need to be DirectShape, AFAIK. I don’t think that node does that.

I’ve found with my App Store Addin that the limit for a DirectShape is around 150K faces and it must be manifold. I’ve used Autodesk ReMake to fix meshes like they were going to be 3D printed before importing.

Hi all,

Im trying too to find a work around to the count limitation. Plus, even if it is successfully imported ibnto revit it will not be viable to use in any way. It will be simply too heavy. Using navisworks to create a coordination model to link into revit can be it. Stl is the format you have to go for when exporting from scene, not sure though. I am Leica Cyclone believer. Maybe Meshlab can be a must too to convert or maybe Rhino natively.

Good luck.