Modelling direct shape form point clouds

Hello guys!

is there a way to model a point cloud thru dynamo? I know that the answer might be “no” or may sounded stuppid, but does anyone has an insight or an idea of how to automate, even with direct shape node this point cloud modelling?

There are a few ways to do this depending on the complexity of your data set. Have a look at these posts for some starting ideas.


to handel point cloud you have two steps
1- supervised machine learning.
2- unsupervised machine learning.

First step: supervised machine learning
1- Divide the point cloud to a group of classes (label). You can use pre train ML model. You can use Colab to run the ML model.

2- After you have clasified (labeld) pointcloud file, reload the the files inside dynamo and follow the secand step unsopervisind learing as @Ewan_Opie worte in here post.

Secand step: unsupervised machine learning
@Ewan_Opie post is give you a many way to handel point cloud unsupervised machine learning also Ewan has very important dynamo pakedge to handel point cloud Sastrugi Package.


Thank you!

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