Dynamo: geometry creation in Revit

Hi Dynamo fans,

I need some help on creating surfaces and solids in Dynamo. For instance, is it possible to make a convex hull and convert the result in a solid? I can't really find any help file about this.

Any income about turning Dynamo "bones" into Revit stuff will be warm welcomed.

My primary goal is to find a way to convert a point cloud coming from a csv file into a Revit geometry. I've tried by creating spline through points, then make form from spline, but when the points have a random distribution, it's another story....spline don't really knows where to start and where to end.

I thought about making a grid underlying my cloud, make planes out of it, then make some cross selection; but I have to admit that first I don't have all the time I would need to achieve this, and second that my skill is not high enough...

thanks for any help.


total number of points in the list should be number of rows times number of columns. It is derived from the incoming list. To know actual numbers of columns and rows, code needs one of them. I used number of rows.

Yes, you get HermiteSurf, then you could take rectangular form, extract its solid, pick top face of the form (if your points are on top of the solid), extract if face, put in a list, use HermiteSurf in a list of one, and use replace node to have top face of solid follow HermiteSurf.

Then put resulting solid into form.

https://github.com/ikeough/Dynamo/issues/223 has link (:https://f.cloud.github.com/assets/4171777/868308/6b3b2d50-f791-11e2...) to the sample. Nodes were renamed from the time sample was posted, but nodes itself should be same.

Thanks for trying!

Thanks for the input Lev. i did a quick try but didn't managed to get this work properly.

Face from points returns exception when used with an XYZ grid as input. could you provide a sample definition with standard use cases please? thanks.

EDIT: if number of rows matches X or Y value, I get an Hermiteface (not visible in preview BTW). what means number of rows?

Dynamo when working on Vasari beta 3 has node "Face From Points" (which needs n x m grid of points) and "Replace Solid Faces" (which would keep adjacent faces as bounds of the resulting Solid). Resulting solid could be put into Form using "Bake Solid as Revit Element" node. Hope this might help.

Would you be able to point me in the right direction for that information perhaps?

it is a custom node provided by Steve Elliott with some Python script.

Julien - Thanks, yes, the resulting list looks like the type of filter I am want to use. Curious about the 'type name' custom node; is that just a string inside as a variable or is there something more going on in there? I will give it a try. -

Hi Brian,

I'm still exploring this, but recently I get a great income from the dev team. in recent packages you will find a package that helps to filter things according to a type. see picture.

Julien - Did you make any headway with list sorting functions? I have an entirely different definition that requires a general sorting of a list by element type to make it work, however I am unable to find help online for this. I am wondering if you have any methods you are willing to share.?

Yes Luke. This is the idea. I will give a closer look. But I think it could be done with Dynamo. I just need more time on it, to play with lists functions so that the points get sorted the way I need. Then spline and surface is easy. Solid may be another story. Thanks for the head up!!

Does Greenspider help, or is it too unreliable?


thinking again about this, I need to make a "ranged" selection of my points, make a curve out of this, then create form...should give a try someday.