Mesh, dynamo and revit

Hi all,
i trying to put a mesh object (obj or sat) into revit by dynamo.
It seems that i’m not so far to generate something interesting but last step is so hard.
The geometry that i would put in revit (i think beter family should be conceptual mass) is a wall decor (mesh generated by cloud compare from point cloud).
i tried different scripts but this last seems work until a cetain point.
Do someone could give me a little help?
Thanks a lot

Some general advice on mesh importing to Revit:

The main qualities that are needed when creating a DirectShape are that the mesh is manifold (one continuous surface), and under about 150000 faces. Often, a mesh created by photogrammetry has particles and holes that make it non-manifold. There can also be millions of faces that need to be reduced (decimated).

That node you show for Making a Family probably doesn’t work for meshes. Look into DirectShape.


If you could share the acis or wavefront file ill have a look at it tomorrow.


You can convert the mesh to a TK mesh, pull the triangles from those, and try to convert to a closed solid with a Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces node. This will expose any meshing issues rather early and allow use of the family instance node.

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Thanks Jacob i’m going to try this way, for some reason workaround with tk mesh lead to the same point (geometry in dynamo but not in revit)…

Can you post the graph image?