Please help me solve this. How to convert numbers from excel can read as element ID in dynamo

I planned to get data’s like element ID saved in an excel file whichI categorized in different stages (like fabricated, delivered and installed). so from the Area A , I manage to get the list of numbers (which are element ID’s of precast column). But i want this numbers to read as element ID so that on revit I can changed its colors as shown on Area B. I dont know how to connect Area A and area B in order to make the numbers (in list) become element ID. please help me. Thanks!

please see the attached image.

convert list to element|690x479

Hi @lorelogart

What’s the object type you’re getting out from excel? You can check by adding Object.Type node after List.Transpose.


Hi @Kulkul

Those are numbers which are actually element ID of columns in my revit model. I just listed it.

That may help.

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@lorelogart See if this helps.