Get (linked) element from element id from Excel

Hi all,

I have an excel list with one column of wall ID’s (my geometry) and one column of void ID’s (from linked doc). I parsed these lists from an interference check in Revit.

Now, I read this excel list in Dynamo, resulting in two lists (WALLS ID’s and VOID ID’s in attached image). Now I simply want to get the elements by ID for both the walls and the (linked) voids (fyi: not actual revit voids but solids named ‘voids’ for geometry cutting purposes). However, None of the nodes visible in the image seem to work! They all seem to return the same input list: the list of ID’s instead of elements. I have tried to convert the ID lists to numbers, to strings, etc. all to no avail. Does anyone else have any experience with these nodes?

I am using Dynamo version 0.9.2 btw.

Thank you in advance.

if you want to get a Revit Links Elements from Id.IntegerValue then I use the following script. (I’ve not used those nodes personally, but mine works for me. Be sure that the data is an integer and not a string)


Hello Daniel,

Would you mind sharing the file with me? As mentioned above, I’m not yet into python scripting and such :confused:

And, can I give a list as input?

Furthermore, I am still having difficulties reading the Excel document. In other threads I have read that using the node ‘ID to element’ by archilab grimshaw it should not matter if the list contains strings, numbers or integers. It just will not work, getting null values… Strangly, CSV files work perfectly with the node. However I would prefer Excel because of the ability to select columns, rows, ranges and so on.

Do I have set up my excel spreadsheet in a certain way? Is it my Dynamo version? I’m at a loss!

Get Linked Elements By Id_Integer.dyn (3.0 KB)

This is the .dyn file. Have you checked if you are returning an Instance of a linked revit model in the Node “Get linked Revit Model From Linked Name”? Yeah, I’m not sure why the ID to Element node would not be working as it should take inputs of document and ids. Have you tried converting ToNumber > Integer and plugging those in?

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And yes, the script excepts lists or single elements