ID String to Elements





When i read the excel Element id as the Strings, i can’t select the Element by id.

I was try to different type of data like Number and Integers, but that’s not work as string.

any way to select element by id without the select model element?

4-27-2015 10-44-23 AM


There’s a node called Id to Element in Konrad Sobon’s awesome package that can convert strings of element IDs to actual elements.


Thanks Andreas

I just found out i was confused with the Revit build in Document.Current node

and now that is fine when i use Get Documents by archi-lab node.

4-27-2015 12-04-36 PM


What if you have an array of element IDs? Can use select multiple Elements?



Should work with List.Map …


No errors, but no selection. Just a null value, individual values work so I think it is a Python issue. Revit 2015 Dynamo .8




Know what else it could be… These are Wall Element IDs.


Now working.

Just removed .toDSType in line 34… Strange it did not require a conversion. I’m not really sure what I’m doing but it worked.




Yes, ToDSType is one of those unfinished Dynamo projects and highly annoying in its present state (


Hi guys,

Where do I find the node Current Document? what package?





Hi Salvatore,

You can find in Konrad Sobon’s awesome package in or you can search for package in dynamo.

Good luck!!!


See new thread:


Any ideas why I’m getting an “invalid ID” when using “ID to element” node? Trying to isolate warnings.Warnings isolation script

Invalid ID




I’d like to revisit this post. This was exactly what I was looking for. Reading off an excel file and converting that list of numbers

into id elements. I have copied the python script but it’s giving me a different error message. Can somebody please try to figure

out what’s wrong. I hope the screen shots comes out in order…Error MsgThank you in advance.




That’s just a formatting issue. Notice on lines 38 ,40, and 42 that the indentation doesn’t match the indentations on lines 35 and 31? You just need to make sure that they match (delete back to the left and then tab twice).



Thank you. Now that I got the indentation all fixed. No error message Empty Listbut it did not create the element ID’s. Any ideas?