Change room name from excel with dynamo

Hello Guys,

I have a problem with my script or the way to the result.

Can somebody help me with changing room name from the pink/orange column to the yellow column?

until now, I have do this…

  • I have copy the values from the yellow column in to another excel fill, after that I get values from this to dynamo. and room numbers change but not in the correct order…

Can somebody help me?


Please check the forums for similar posts before starting a new thread. This question has been answered dozens of times already. You have the ElementId scheduled so this should be straight forward. Get the element from the Id and then set the value.

How can I combine that?

That doesn’t look like your original file. You need the Ids and the new names so that you can get the correct element before changing the parameter value.


[quote=“canx0038, post:6, topic:49558”]

Column1 is element ID(the red one), and the yellow column is the new room numbers I will have… ? - Can you help me with that?

It would look something like this:

As I said before, there a TONS of posts already about this exact same subject. Please do your research on the forum before asking general questions like this. If you have any specific questions about pieces you don’t understand or parts that don’t seem to be working, we would be happy to answer those questions.

Yeah okay, I understand… Lot of thanks Nick!

But I haven’t see or use Excel Data, Element from ID before, and I cant find them… Can you explain where you have this from?

As @Nick_Boyts said previously, this question has been answered a bunch of times, all it requires is searching on Google or in the forums for the answer. All I typed in was “get elements by id dynamo” and this post was one of the top results.