Import from Excel to Dynamo

How can I import an entire row/column from Excel to Dynamo and continue with the numbers that are my element IDs, I am going to continue with?

This can get you started: Dynamo Dictionary

Thank you, but where can I find Excel.ReadFromFile?

Sorry - looks like I sent the link to the 1.x node instead of the 2.x.

Warming: No worksheet matches the given string. (sheetname)

Hey again, I find the problem.

It was the Code block node who was the problem.

Glad it worked out. Can you mark a solution or post one and mark that if there isn’t a clear one yet?

The name in the “Code Blok” need to be the same name like the red place in the Excel…

But can you help me now with the values (element IDs)

The element IDs are Warnings, which I want to correct, however I only want to see the Element IDs that are on the work plan I am currently working on.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Best to start a new topic. Be sure to give more info than you have included here as there isn’t’ a way for anyone to know what you’re after or deciphering which warnings are in which model. This Archi-Lab post might be a better workflow overall:

Okay, thank you! :slight_smile: