Placing tags at line based elements


I’m trying to tag elements using Dynamo. The elements i wish to tag are ducts. The problem here is that i have an start and an end point. I’m able to place the tag at one of those points but i wish to be able to place it in the center.

I thought i found an post where they handled the same problem with walls but the pic. they placed was so smal i couldnt see wat nodes they used.

Any help would be nice :smiley:

Hi @l.rozendaal,

You can use Curve.PointAtParameter with inputs of
• curves to operate on
• value along curve (in your case 0.5 since the curve has been parameterised with a domain length of 0-1 therefore 0.5 will be the midpoint)



Hi @l.rozendaal

This should work for you.


Thnx guys, got it working!


I couldn’t find the "Element.LocationCurve " node. In wich packages is that? I have:

@l.rozendaal “Element.LocationCurve” is a standard node. Download and install latest Dynamo version 1.2.

I have 1.2.0

I cant find it and my colleague cant find it either. I did find the one for mullions. But no worries i got your solution working by using the "Element.Location"node

@l.rozendaal You can use “Element.GetLocation” node aslo:


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