Tags at Pipe

I try to colocate tag pipes in dynamo, but i don´t know what is the problem.


Hi Justo,

Your problem is your missing custom node “Element.Location”. You need to install “Clockwork” Package you can get it from online package search.

Follow the steps. Good Luck! Untitled

i have instalated this, but the rutine don’t work.



Hi Justo,

Look at this image:

You have to read the outputs of your Clockwork custom node.

You don’t have a point location for your elements, but it depends on the kind of element.

For example in the first output (of image above) you have a location of a door, so the output is on “points”. List of “curveEndpoints” and “curve” are empty because Doors are not a curve.

In the second output you can see your case. There are no list for points, curveEndpoint and curve because paramenters are not placed at all.

In the third output you can see the location of pipes that are placed like lines so the first output (points) is empty and in the second you have your points start and end.

Thanks Paolo for your reply

With CurvePoints and manipulate the list I can do it