Element Tag location - offset point

Hi, hope someone can help me with this.

Im trying to add a tag on a duct accessory, but with an offset so the tag is in the same place regardless of the elements rotation or size.


I’ve got it working so it adds a tag on the element point,

can anyone suggest the best/simplest way to do this?


I’ve tried playing around with bounding boxes and the max points, and that gets me nearly there.
i looked at vectors too but that just seems to ping them off into the distance.


@awilliams @T_Pover


Just before we jump into trying to solve your issue :slight_smile: I’ve got a couple of clarifications if that’s ok?

The 2 tags in your examples, presumably one of them is to be located ‘up’ the page from the duct accessory, and the other to the ‘side’?

So presumably you want the tag to be always avoiding the connected geometry… Perhaps it could be moved perpendicular to the normal of the duct?

From the sound of it, you don’t want a leader line… So the origin of the tag must remain on the duct to keep the association… So we’re going to need the tag family to contain 2(?) labels, which would be turned on according to whether the direction of the pipe is across or up?

Does that sound about right?



Hi Mark,

my thoughts were that if i could get the point of a bounding box (the lower green circle). than apply an offset to that (upper green circle). it would stay a consistent distance away from the duct accessory regardless of the size or rotation of duct/accessory.


If that were possible then the tag would have the same point and then it wouldn’t need to have two labels.

i don’t want a leader, and it wouldn’t really matter if the tag is top/bottom or left/right.

perpendicular could work better than the bounding box idea maybe, with the distance being the radius+offset.


Hey, sure, I get that.

I think it’s a smart idea to use the dimension from the bounding box centroid to the edge which is perpendicular (positive), as the length.

You can also use that intersection as your location point.

Apologies i’m on a train but I’ll try to explain my other thought better…

So your tag has a location X and Label . Your location X is on the object you are tagging and your Label is offset away from the object…

Edit: It turns out that I’m wrong, the Label can sit anywhere, no need for a leader, it can float where it wants, well that makes it a lot easier :slight_smile:

This isn’t quite right, but it’s doing most of the things, you’ll just need to increase the sophistication of the geometry intersect options a bit…

I’m using MEPover, Archilab, Orchid, Chynamo, Clockwork and Hot Gear.

Hope that helps,


TagDuctsAvoid.dyn (33.5 KB)

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You can also get the orientation of the element and offset 90 degrees from that.


this is great, thanks Mark/ Nick! really appriciate your help! :+1::+1:

i’m going to try and see if i can integrate these into my script, see what happens.

its great to see the nodes you guys used, i didn’t even know some of these existed.

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I have a similar ‘problem’ and came across this topic.

Did you find a solution @Cosgrovedt ?


I didn’t end up using this in the end, went with embedding the label with in the family.
and did some visibility control parameters.