Duct Tagging Placement

Hello Everyone,

I am newbie in Dynamo and i’ve tried to duct tagging automatically using dynamo refer this post https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/placing-tags-at-line-based-elements/7706.Previously, Thank you so much for @Kulkul that sharing with detailing and successful when i try it.

But i am still have problem, Please see in Picture

I tried to placed two Tagging on Duct = Duct Length and Duct Size
but in the result, i’ve 2 problem:

  1. Tagging for size and length stacked in middle of duct. Please see in below

There are possible to program in dynamo to make both tags become like in below
Specially for vertical tagging, i hope can automatically change to vertical if tagging to vertical duct
2. For selection View in Dynamo, if there are case i have some floor plan views and sections, i must to choose different view too, right?
May i just need choose one times and tagging for all floor plan view and section on a project.?

i hope you can help me with picture so make me easily to understanding due to i am really newbie
Thank you so much for your help and kindness

@Harywijaya.2 you are providing the same points for both tags.

So it’s possible. You need to just get the correct set of points

Hi @Harywijaya.2

You just have to edit family and check “Rotate with Component”.


@Harywijaya.2 As @Kulkul said , amend the family.

Then you need to provide a different set of points. This is just one way.

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You can think outside the box and make one family for both size and length

Waooww, you’re very awesome people
I will try as soon as possible and give the result to you
thank you so much ^o^

Hi @salvatoredragotta may i know, where i can get View.Current?
Thank you



Thank you @salvatoredragotta

Hy @salvatoredragotta
i’ve tried as your advice but i still have problem when i use view current.
please see picure in below

and result become like this:

Thank you friend ^^


Still Failed T _____ T

It’s very difficult,

@Harywijaya.2 Have you changed the family as @Kulkul suggested?

Yeeesss Sirr… ^o^

I am on Bali
just info to you if you are holidays in here
I will happy to guide you all ^o^


@Harywijaya.2 upload your files (dyn and Revit) please

Duct Tagging.dyn (15.3 KB)

Here is it guys…

I can’t share revit file, due to large file.
how to share in here?

share a link