Tagging Pipes at Start and End Points

This is my first post on this forum, and have jump delved into the world of Dynamo this new year. I was wondering anyone can help me with a challenge I am coming across.

Am in the process of optimizing my team’s workflow in coordination drawing production of slopes pipe systems, and have used dynamo to automate the process of acquiring invert elevations of slope pipes from their start and end points of each individual pipe.

The next challenge I come across is having my tags associate itself with these end points, rather than anywhere along the line of the pipe. Is there are way to tag a pipe in dynamo, such that the leader lines of these tags point to the end or start offsets of the pipe? Im not sure how to determine the start and endpoints in Dynamo.

I came across this post, which helps me understand that this may potentially be possible:

Thanks in advance!

please send a picture off what you already have

Getting the start and endpoints of pipes is rather easy:

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Thanks T_Power! That got me a bit closer. Theres two challenges I’m running into now.

  1. For some reason the output from element.location is outputting as null. Any thoughts why this may be happening? I installed clockwork for Dynamo 1.x and am running Dynamo 1.2.1.

  2. I want to be able to distinguish my pipe’s start and end point, because my tag is calling out the End Offset and Start Offset parameters in pipe elements, which I am assuming is associated with the start and end points of the curve. Instead of outputting the curveEndpoints, I tried to split the start and end point up from the curve output itself. Would this be the right way to proceed?

Here’s what I got so far:

The node works fine for me, I’ve got the same versions installed, maybe closing and opening dynamo might help.
For the other part, I would just use the curveEndpoints port of the Element.Location node as this returns exactly the same as the Curve.Startpoint and Curve.Endpoint nodes.
After that sort those lists by Z value, so you always get the lowest point of the pipe first, as startpoint doesn’t necessarily mean lowest point
Like this:

From there I would continue :slight_smile:

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Ran to another computer and tried the script out and it worked out smoothly. I’m not sure why the null issue is occurring on my PC, even after restarting the whole thing.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: