Placing multiple SCHEDULES in one created Sheet!

Hi everyone,

I wanna place multi duplicated Shedules in one Sheet that i’ve already created.
you can see the Dynamo script which i’ve already used, everything goes well (duplicating shedules, modifying the filter…etc) but they don’t get placed in the sheet.
You can see the Dynamo script and maybe can help me to solve this probleme.
Thank you in advance.

SCREEN SHOT - sheets

Can you show the previews for all your input nodes? It looks like you’re providing one sheet (list), five schedules (list), and one point (single item). You could probably fix this by cleaning up a few things and using list levels, but you may be able to do it just by providing a location point for each schedule.

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Morning @Nick_Boyts,

I can upload the whole DYNAMO Script if you wanna take a look closer, or maybe someone can use it.
Thank for your help.
Duplicate & Rename Multi-Schedule.dyn (82.9 KB)