Check for and delete duplicate schedules on sheets

I tried searching the forum a previous thread for help on this topic. I am very new to Dynamo so, go easy.

I am wanting to add multiple schedules to a sheet and have the ability to run a script to check for duplicates and delete the duplicate schedule if it gets accidentally added to the same sheet.

If this has already been discussed in a previous thread, can someone point me to it? Any help is greatly appreciated.


You won’t always be able to search for exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ll usually have better luck searching for the kind of problem you’re trying to solve, in this case, getting views/schedules in your project and filtering duplicates. Start with research into those two things and see if you get any leads. Once you have a starting point to your graph, you can come back with any specific questions on next steps.

Thanks! Just trying to narrow my search and not beat a dead horse if someone has already posted a similar topic.