Placing Multiple Schedules on Multiple Sheet

Dear everyone,

I’m trying to place multiple schedules which contains certain prefix on multiple sheets. However, I realized that the schedule places itself again on the same sheet each time I ran this graph.

Hence, I tried to improve it by filtering sheets that already have schedule with a certain prefix placed in the sheet but I’m not quite sure how to do it.

Or is there any other way to prevent duplication of schedules placed on the sheet?


You can use Sheet.GetViewportsAndViews from Rhythm package. This will help you check if your sheets contain schedules, and help you filter the sheets.

I also have a python node that allows you to place multiple view on multiple sheets (including legends and schedules)…

This was based on this post on the forum…

But the updated version won’t place the same schedule twice.

Maybe you might find it useful.


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May be a good start to look here.