Add Schedule on Sheets



Hi Everyone,

I’m try for a while to add a simple schedule on a sheet. I’ve already managed to set the location of a view (2D and 3D) on a sheet, folowing a template, but I just can’t find the way to do the same with schedule. I have the feeling that they are not seen as the other view by Dynamo. Do you have an idea to do this?


I think you can do it the same way as with views (a schedule is a view). Though you might have to create a new schedule instance, I don’t remember. Can you show us what you have so far?


Well, it doesn’t works the same way as with view actually… It gives me an error message, you can see :


Is your problem with duplicating the schedule or placing it on a sheet? Schedules do not get duplicated the same way.


Is just placing… I already duplicated them, this is not a problem anymore :wink: Any advice to place them on a sheet?


The error says t is too big for the titleblock… my only thought is to try adding a filter to the schedule so it has 0 elements in it, then place it. If that works, modify the schedule so it has the correct filters AFTER placing it.

Alternatively you could try modifying the script to allow insertion of the schedule after the sheet has been created.


Well, thanks for you advices Jacob, but adding a schedule to an existing sheet is not possible, or seems not to be… here is the error I get :

And I can’t realy modify the schedule once it’s place, cause would be too long. The main purpose of this program was to duplicate an existing schdule by just modifying a single parameter and to place it on a sheet…


So when you say you’ve duplicated the schedule do you mean you have multiple schedules showing in your Project Browser or that you’ve created new schedule graphics? Schedules are views but they work more like families. The schedule view is like the family type but you actually place schedule graphics, think of it as the family instance, on the sheet. I believe you have to create the schedule graphic as a function of the schedule view and the sheet it’s going on.


I don’t realy understand the difference between schedule views and schedule graphics. I have duplicated schedule so I can see many schedules in my project browser. When I drag them and drop them in a sheet, it works perfectly, but when I try to do the same with dynamo (as shown in the picture from my previous post), it doesn’t seems so recognize it…


When you drag a schedule view onto a sheet it creates a new schedule graphic instance. Part of the point of schedules/legends is that they can be placed on multiple sheets. You don’t need to duplicate the schedule. You need to create a new schedule graphic. I know it’s available somewhere in the API but I’m having trouble finding it right now.


newSchedule = ScheduleSheetInstance.Create(doc,sheet.Id,scheduleId,point)


Have you come across this topic…it places schedule on sheets


@Nick_Boyts, how do I use this? I mean, is there a way getting it in dynamo without “coding”. If I can, I don’t want to do some python or C#…

@4bimfercesp, thanks, but I don’t realy see how it helps… I try using the node with schedule and it didn’t work, without any error…


Afraid not. You’d have to use Python. Which I would highly recommend you look into at some point. This is actually a fairly simple method to code.