Placing beams


is it posible to place a revit family through dynamo as if i was a beam?





this isn’t it…

Are you trying to add tags for your beams? Because the FamilySymbol is used for tagging.

Hello B V,

Yes you can place Families into Revit using Dynamo. You can do many thing directly in Revit from Dynamo.

If you are using our latest release build 0.7.1 then you can go to Help>Samples>Revit, there are few examples on how to do certain operations on top of Revit.

Hope this will help.



@ All,

i know how to place family’s the point is i need to tell revit its needs to see set family as a beam.

The “beam” type comes with a different set of properties and options.



Hmm I see why you’re having some issues. They’ve changed some of the parameters of the node from 0.63. If you right-click the node and select Help, you’ll see a detailed explanation of each input. Seems the structuralFamilySymbol is actually the FamilyType and the structuralType is the family usage.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that you have to have some geometry curves first which will be later converted to beams.


Thanks Dimitar Venkov for your detail reply.

If you have downloaded new version of Dynamo 0.7.1 then you can access all new sets of Samples which will help to answer many of your questions.

Keep using Dynamo!