Revit families not visible, placed through Dynamo

Hello All,

Can anyone please help me to solve this issue…

I placed some revit families in Revit through the dynamo. But none of them are visible in revit (please look at the attached image). Instead, shows only dots. I am not sure whether I should turn on settings.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Manoj,

I think multiple people want to help, myself included. However, we might need a bit more context. For instance, what type of family are you trying to place?

There’s a guide for getting help on the forums, I suggest you check it out.

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Here are the details:

I was trying to insert Loadable Families into specific rooms based on data from an Excel file. According to that created the Excel file lists with rooms, family name, family type, and quantity to insert.

I don’t find any error in the Dynamo script. But no families present in the revit (shows only dots).

Thank you…

What type of family are you trying to place - annotations or model elements? Can you expand the previews for all nodes so we can see what is happening?

No preview expanded. I’m trying to see what the contents of each node is along the way.

Are you trying to place tags? Tags have to be placed as a tag (they need something to host to).

@Nick_Boyts @jacob.small I was trying to place model elements from excel file list. The Dynamo script was completely fine. But I could not see the elements in revit. Instead showing only blue dots. Please look at the above attache image.

The blue dots are just the Dynamo preview. How do you know that the elements actually got placed? What outputs do you get in Dynamo? Is there anything in your view that would be filtering or otherwise hiding the elements you placed? We need more information.

@Manoj the blue dots you see is most likely the Room.Location (i.e. a preview of a point in the rooms, as noted by Nick). What we would like to see is what happens in between your block of code.
I have included a screenshot that hopefully clarifies what we are asking for.

@Nick_Boyts, @lsmm Please find the attached snapshot. I was trying to place the model elements in Level-1. I find some elements in the Room-1, Room-2 (it’s not as per the Excel spreadsheet) and no elements in the rest of the Rooms.

Revit screen

Thanks in Advance.

Your lists and list levels are definitely wrong. Excel only has 17 items across 5 types (1 duplicate) and 5 rooms. That is not what you’re showing in your graph. You would need a list of all 5 rooms, the 5 family types going in each room, and a sublist of the points for each family type.

Sorry about the late response. I agree with Nick, it seems like you should change the way you retrieve the family types. This would be why you get the wrong types (i.e. not in accordance with your spreadsheet).

Additionally, it seems like some of your room are located at a different level? Don’t know if its relevant or not in regards to the visibility. But you might want to look at your list of rooms and corresponding points.

Hope it helps. If not I’ll take a closer look.