Create or assign Revit family in Dynamo

I have four kind of elements in dynamo and i would create revit families for each element, its possible do it with dynamo?

If is possible, how can i do it?
if is not possible, can i assign revit family with dynamo?


Could you please elaborate.I don’t think you’ve managed to properly convey your intent and objective.

I created a building with dynamo, now i would import the model to revit.
In dynamo I created the beam with the polysurface and the floor with surface, so i would like to know if is possible to assign a revit family to each element (the beam and the floor) with dynamo.

now is clearly what i want to do? :slight_smile:

Yes, this conveys the intent a little better and Yes you can import it into Revit as a Direct Shape
Explore the DirectShape.Geometry node. There are also other options available in the Spring Nodes package.

However, for beams and floors (assuming they are regular), it would be better to not create the geometry in Dynamo. Instead use StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve and Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel

You might get better suggestions if you upload a sample file demonstrating what you’ve done so far.


I did like you said; but i can’t see the family in revit and also they don’t draw all the elements.