How to place families inside revit using dynamo

Hello everyone


I have a form consisting of triangles - low poly mesh - and I want to place on each of its plain 2 different families. (the shape at the moment is in Revit as a mass).


One family consists of three adaptive points (should be on a triangle - plain) and one composed of two adaptive points (which should be on the edge of each triangle).

How can I implement these families on my form with Dynamo?


my form as mass





I’ll point you in what, I think, is the right direction.

You will still need to figure some things out.

Thank you for your response.

I can see that you started the process of your shape from a mesh
How did you manage to import mesh into Revit???


Use Select Model Element (the first node in the above definition) to selects the geometry imported/created in Revit.