Placing adaptive components without intersections or clashes!


I’m trying to place a concrete cable tray along a path. The AC Placement-Points connect to the respective start and end Points of the previous/next element. Problem: This causes interferences between the Elements whenever there is a change of direction along the path. See below, a very curvy part of the path.


Is there any way to create more “dynamic” Point lists, since only the edges of the trays along the inner side of the curve should be connected (see below)

Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated!


@praktikant This old topic might help. However, note that the old definitions may throw errors with the newer versions of Dynamo.

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Thanks for your reply Vikram!
I tested the definition. Unfortunately, adding adaptive points in order to make the junctions smooth doesn’t do it for me. I actually need the elements to keep their original length and therefore the edges to touch on the inner side and leave a gap on the other side.

Since this would change the coordinates on the original path (defined by a polyline from a .dwg in my case), I’m not going to acheive that with a predefined set of points but maybe with a function like curve.project. Do you have any idea how to make the path alternate around the edges? Thx again!!

@praktikant See if you can tweak this other old post to suit your requirement