Placing different Adaptive Component Famillies with 2 Adaptive points along a Path ( Bycoordinates)

Hi :frowning:

im trying to place 2 different Adaptive Component along a path ( bycoordinates ) every type have 2 adaptive points . and i have no problem placing 1 type of AC along the path.

i have an exel file with the path coordinates and the type of AC in that Points.

im new with Dynamo, i would apriciate your help .

thank you

Sorry for the first picture differente AC along a path (1)

It’s really hard to tell what’s going on when you don’t show any node previews and your only watch nodes are blank. Can you run the graph and show what’s happening? Or draw up a diagram and show us what you expect vs what you’re getting. Or you can always drop the dyn file and any secondary files (families) needed so we can run the graph ourselves.