Adaptive Component by 3 points placement issue

Hi everyone,

I have created and AC by 3 points which I will use to automatically place clearance for cable trays fittings. I got all the points required for the AC, and Dynamo is successfully placing them, except that some of the adaptive components are acting really weird, some of them are not placed (I can only see the profile) and some are rotated, distorted, mirrored, you can check it out in the picture below.

I have tried to play with the “Orients to” option of the Adaptive Points in the family but no result. It seems strange to me that in some cases they are working and in some, they don’t. I have to mention that the elements which are not working are not every time the same, they are changing every time I run the script again, which is even weirder.
I have attached the script and the Revit model, all the required families are loaded in the project.

Clearance by AC (CableTray).dyn (93.4 KB) !

Can you guys please give some advice here, I am thankful for your help!

Kind regards

Hi guys,

Anyone around who can have a look and help me with some advices ? maybe there is a better way to get the clearance area placed.

Thank you in advance !

Hi Adrian,

In theory, what you are attempting to do is not a bad idea. Would be an easy way for you to visualise for users where not to place other building services, like pipes and ducts. But I’m afraid that your effort won’t lead to a good solution in practice, if this is something you are thinking to implement on all projects. The reason is simply that it will bloat the model, using adaptive components for this. You could put these in a seperate model, but then I’m pretty sure it will quickly lose ground, since people will eventually ignore it by simply unloading it. It will probably mean same fate if you attempt to use worksets to manage this.

What sort of platform are you using to do model QA? Setting up something like what you are attempting to do in Solibri is really easy, and what I use myself.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply, I really understand your point here and you are right this might bloat the model, even though I would really like to know how to solve this problem so maybe I can apply the principles used here in some other aplications.

I am doing the QA of the model using Navisworks, but I am really interested on your worklfow on this using Solibri, if you can give some more details will be really nice.