Adaptive Component with Divided Path - Placement Orientation



I have an adaptive component family which has a divided path acting as a host for a series of embedded components. I require it to be this way to suit my purpose.

I now use Dynamo to place the AC using the 7 placement points. The issue being, Dynamo rotates the AC 90deg along the divided path axis? When I remove the divided path from the AC, Dynamo places the AC component correctly, but obviously losing the host functionality of the path itself.

Can you please advise on how to rotate the AC family by -90 deg along the curve axis??

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No worries, got it sorted!

Care to share so others can refer to this later on?


Sorry for not posting the solution, bad manners from my side! I set the AC adaptive points to “Instance xyz” and not “Global xyz”… I’m sure I tried it before but obviously not…

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