Place piles - problem angle to true north

I tried to place piles from excel, it’s almost ok just need to add the angle to true north (11.60°)

place pile

You have to get the true north angle of the project and transform your points where piles located to, have a look to the below shot.

Geometry input in the last node need to be connected to points where you locate your piles. then use the new points to put the family instances.

For Coor-system input need to be connected to a coordinate system for each point you created from excel to place piles.

Hi Ahmed,
i did not understand how to connect the 2 script,could you help me with this by indicate it below

thanks in advance

the first pile here below

try like below.

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Hi Ahmed,
I could not find in the built-in Revit node (CoordinatePlace pile by coordinates.dyn (41.5 KB) System by point), here with my file

Below is the missing nodes in your script

Hi Ahmed,
it draws the 3 pile

s in the same position (project base point) as shown below

ok… try the same process without below .