Orientation Project North to True North - Dynamo to Revit

I am trying to place the family in Revit through dynamo with excel coordinate points. But the orientation is not matching project has true north 31.6 degrees but families are taking reference as project north . can u help me with this

Have you tried FamilyInstance.SetRotation node?

i tried FamilyInstance.SetRotation node but family itself is rotating not with reference to true north…

true, problem with coordinate systems. Check this one, although for assemblies it will work in your case as well:

thanks for reply, can you please tell me how should i link coordinates in Excel file format(.csv) to this script .

can you please tell me how to link excel sheet(x,y,z coordinates) to this script

Have you tried rotating the points by your angle to true north (or possibly in your case the inverse angle) ?