Pile coordinates to excel survey point

Hi, I wonder if anyone could help with this one. I know it had been discussed a few times, I searched many articles, tried to put all the info together, but I’m still strugling to get it to work.
I need to export real pile coordinates to excel (it would be ideal to export to Revit schedule but I dont think that is possible via dynamo). The results I’m getting are not the real coordinates. I found some articles that it needs to be transformed via Geometry.Transform node but I’m not sure where to place it.

Any help highly appreciated (I’m sure it would help many others as such basic funcionality is not available in Revit). Thank you

Pile Coordinates.dyn (54.9 KB)

can you post a screenshot pls?

@simoneavellini, the file is attached …

Thanks Karol. I cannot open your file at the moment…