Place Family by points

I have a problem in family elevation when i place these families by points as shown in pictures, Any Advice??, I have attached the test revit file , excel file for coordinates and dynamo file
HD.xls (18 KB)
place2.dyn (228.0 KB)
TEST.rvt (2.5 MB)


This will be the solution. I just added a few scripts to your code and it works great.


1.dyn (59.9 KB)

Do you mind if you post the dynamo file and list the packages used please??


“Spring,Ryhthm and BimorpNodes” Packages can you use.

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Thanks alot for your reply but could you share your dynamo file, i will try as nd give you the feedback

Also i would like to know why we should use import instance and link Element nodes


When I reviewed your Family file, I saw that it was working with the “Host” feature, and the most effective way to connect something to surfaces right now is to convert it with “Link Elements”. In this, I sent the surface to Revit as if it were a .CAD file, and I’ve just untied the nodes, solved.

Actually we need to thank @Thomas_Mahon about it.

I closed the file without thinking that there was no need to share the Dynamo file. There are only a few knots to add.

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Do you mind to clarify what was the elements that you use delete elements node for, , is these elements are the import instances??
And i like to know what would happen if i use the surface that comes from the host object.Top surface node directly to be the input for the node of place family by face


The .Cad file u that we created and sent to Revit is a method we use to solve the problem only and it does not belong to your file. So when we were done, it was erased so there wouldn’t be any confusion.

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Thanks a lot Durmus_Cesur it works great ,
but still there is an issue which is after you delete the import instances from the model they leave the families un-associated with any host so if the ceiling elevation was changed the elements will not move with ceiling


You can change the hosts of the correct but connected elements. It will solve your problem.


this will lead to change the host manually , i think this is not practical specially i have a lot of ceiling levels


I’ve changed the solution to the problem. Can you try the solution again?
It works great.

Ok, but where is the solution, could u post ur solution please

I changed the solution you marked. please see 2nd post.



Share your entire chart to see where the error originated from.

and if we extract the custom node and copy/paste the python script node inside to see what is the problem, i find the warning as shown in picture below !!!

I think the problem is with the “Family Type” you’re using.

Please try with “FamilyInstance.ByPoint”.

@jfmonod… Any help