Problem with instance by face points

Im Trying to place a fire alarm devices families into my model to be hosted on different levels of ceiling, im using face based families and when i use this node it gives me null values and when i open the custom node and extract the python script inside to work directly on, it gives me an error as shown below in attached images, please help me… Thanks alot.

Try set your list.structure to L2 on face and point.

Thanks a lot for your replying, but i try it and still not working, I think the problem in node itself

Can you share a Revit dummy file and the .dyn graph? :slight_smile:

check this forum… u may get some idea…

I have tried the solution but it doesn’t work unfortunately, Elements were hosted at zero level

Well then…

try this script…Autocad to Excel to Revits.dyn (118.1 KB)

Thanks for your reply , but this dynamo can’t work correctly with a face based family instances, it works great with a level based families

TEST.rvt (2.3 MB)

Final_Face Based Family instance Placer.dyn (46.1 KB)