Place CAD-Link on view and move it accordingly

Hi everyone :wink:

I ran into a problem with placing and moving CAD-Links on views.
The CAD-Links don´t have a location or something and Element.SetLocation does not work either.

Does anyone know how to place these on views and move them to my desired location?

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maybe can try this?

Hi :wink:
I found a solution to place the cad-files on my views here, but my problem to move them according to my needs is still present :frowning:

It is my approach to place one dwg file in different wall elevations, move them in the correct position and crop them afterwards. This way I cannot work with a single location :frowning:
The linked thread works to get the location of a linked RVT-File. It does not work for linked CAD-Files :frowning:

I found a workaround here: Move Linked file

It works by adding the element to a group.