Move Linked file

I have a linked file in my project and i want to move it.
I can get the linked file through… Element types - ImportInstance or the Get Documents node.
But i can’t find a way to find an insert point and move the whole thing.

Anybody a solution?


Same problem here. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?

Try Element.MoveByVector.

Does not work :frowning: At least not with a CAD-Link…

You need to use Transaction.Start and Transaction.End nodes with any part of the workflow that will modify the document.

This is a Revit-Node, I can´t change it.

Should it work like this? Normally I know the Start and End from within Python Nodes.

Hmm…what you have there looks like it should be correct, but to be honest I’m more familiar with the Python side of things rather than using the transaction nodes.

this is not solution a trick which i use i.e simple way is group the linked file so that you get a location point hence you can move the linked file using the location point and un group it after moving


Perfect :wink: This seems to work :slight_smile:

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