If there is an element in the linked Revit, place an element in the main Revit file

Hi All,

I have linked and Architectural Revit file into my Revit file. Now I want dynamo to search for a list of items in the linked file, and place a GPO in my file on the wall next to those elements. Any ideas?

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Hi @ali.m.t ,

I would start by looking into the bimorphNodes Package, this Package contains some really usefull nodes regarding working with Linked CAD models.

@ali.m.t ,

i had a similar issue

but i simplifed the workflow… with Element.Location+

Still i have trouble to place it finally!
how can i get the VectorDirection from my surface effiently?

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Try this node for surface vector direction:


I have been trying to get an out put from FamilyInstance.ByFace too. No success yet. Can’t figure out how to feed its “face” input properly. Let me know please if you get through.

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