Pipes from Lines

Thank you!! That is an AWESOME trick!

So now my graph runs with whatever selection I choose, but as soon as I click ‘Change’ on “Select Model Elements” and pick different model lines, the Pipes that had appeared in Revit from the first selection disappear. Is there any way to ‘reset’ the graph after it shows the pipes in Revit thereby allowing me to just keep selecting new model lines and hitting Run, then repeating?

Element binding I think is the issue. Try running the script in Dynamo player. But also run it in blank file before that to wipe out its current memory cache.

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Hi everyone,
I have same problem getting null for output.
Can anybody help about my problem?
I have attached the workflow

try setting the lines input to use levels L1

Hello, so i managed to make this work, but now im looking deepet into it.

Is there any way to tweak the node so that instead of using levels as the input for location on the file to be a topography, or mesh, or polysurface.

I have tried getting here

And then editing the python script, for of course it doesnt work,