Issue with creating a pipe line

hello everyone, does any one know how to creat a pipe line in dynamo (the version with revit 2021 ) because i can’t find the node pipe.bylines

Hi @khaoulaouriga,

The Pipe.ByLines node comes from the great MEPover package.
Use the Package Manager to install it.

thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Hi guys,
I am getting a null result using the Pipe.Bylines node. Could anyone help me with that?

It looks like you are feeding a Pipe Element instead of a PipeType. Try changing the Element Type node input to PipeType.

It worked, many thnaks!

I’m getting an error with the CurveElement.

Warning: ElementQueries.OfElementType operation failed.
The input type is not a subclass of Element.
Parameter name: type