Pipes from Lines

Hi All,

I’m trying to create pipes from line curves, but unable to create one.
What I get is a null value.

Can anyone help me figure where the problem is ?

thanks in advance

Looks like you might not be feeding a system type or element type, but rather an element and a system. Try getting the parameter value for ‘type’ for both before feeding along your list. also make sure you’re feeding a single system and pipe type for each before progressing.

Thanks @jacob.small

Hi @jacob.small

I’ve attached my script for your reference.

Pipes from Line.dyn (26.0 KB)

I need to model pipes using lines, all I have now created is a line using “Point.By coordinates” node and “Line.StartPointEndPoint” node.


Next is to use “Pipe.ByLines” Node from MEPover Package

I don’t know what the error is in the python script since I’m new to it.
But I want to know two things:

  1. Am I doing the right way (using the snips above)?
  2. Is there an alternative solution to this?

Figured out what the problem was.


from which package you have taken ‘curve from line’ node. pls share the link here or tell me the correct package name.

thanks in advance

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look in geometry. Is there…

I´ve a similar problem. I read dates from an excel sheet instead. The thing is I have as a result “null”.

Can anyone help me??

Just type curve.startpoint or else look in the geometry section, hope it helps

I keep getting null result. I am reading points coordinates to create lines, but even with simpliest line I get null pipe result.
Can anyone clarify what Revit version and Dynamo are you using. I try several version with same results. NULL pipe

You are feeding it a pipe instead of a pipe type on the second input.

Thanks a lot! beginner mistake…

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I am having similar issues with the Pipe.ByLines node. I feel i have everything correct:

  • List of Lines
  • Pipe Type
  • Piping System Type
  • Level
  • Diameter (i’ve played with number a million times, but nothing).

The first picture is a screenshot of my Revit screen (i am creating these lines form CAD line locations in the same script) - It shows the lines do exist
The second picture is my script, showing what seems to be everything working, except for the Pipe.ByLines node.

I am running this in Dyanmo 2.0.3 in Revit 2018 & my MEPOver package is from 0


I think the level you are feeding in is a string value instead of an actual level

That was exactly it - Thanks!!!

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First of all, thank you for this node!! I was able to make it generate pipes from model lines, but I do not understand how to control which PipeType and PipingSystemType are used. I can make it select from the index, but it’s a blind selection. How I can I read that Watch list to know which index number matches the Type that I want?

Just drop in a code block and type in: x.Name
That will show you the names of the system and pipe type, then use the corresponding index number to feed in the correct type


Thank you!! That is an AWESOME trick!