Creating Pipework with MEPover from Start/End (Center) Points of Pipes

Hi All,
I am trying to use MEPover package to create pipework from a excel file with data of start / end points, and radius but the output is null.
Here’s my coding and excel file:

Appreciate if any advice.

Maybe the input to the Diameter port is still registered as a string instead of a numeric type (int/float). You can double check this by using the Object.Type node.

thank. the input is checked to be float.

Hmm, your inputs seem to be correct. Could you share your graph and excel file? and maybe also a small dummy Revit file that I can test it on?

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Sure. Here’s you go.

Actually, I am new to Revit & Dynamo. I don’t know if I need to create or define any new PipeType or PipingSystemType in Revit.

Thanks and Stay Well!


PipeNetwork.dyn (77.2 KB)

trench1_pipework.xlsx (11.7 KB)

The error I get is about the created pipes being too short, so I think it has something to do with conversions. If you are working with imperial units you could try converting these to metric units (or set your Revit project units to metric) to see if that will make it work.

It works after converting the input units to metric (mm) and cutting the coordinate value to 5 digits. Thanks!!
Is it better to use Civil 3D if working on pipework from a precise measurement?

Good to hear we found the problem :slight_smile: I don’t know about Civil 3D though, I’ve never used it.

Already a big help. thank you.

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I have one more question.
The pipe created by Dynamo is not selectable and displayed as lines.
Can it be transferred to selectable object like pipe created by “draw” function?

That line is de Revit Geomemtry preview which you can turn on and off in Dynamo. I think the pipe isn’t created by Dynamo at all so there is probably still an error in the graph.

I turn Revit Background preview on but only lines are displayed in 3D view.

Appreciate if there is further advice.

Can you show the graph and all the output of the nodes?

Here’s the graph.

There is nothing connected to the ‘Level’ input port.

I have tried several times inputting the level port but still resulted in a crash.
so I skipped level input in the last trial and the node seems operating well.