Pipe Network Invert Design Using Camber/Python

Hi All,

I am working on putting together a script that will help the user quickly set invert elevations for a Pipe Network. This script is currently utilizing the wonderful camber package nodes developed by @mzjensen.

The way I have it set up is the the user will start by selecting two structures (start structure first, end structure second). Additional user inputs for “Desired Start Invert”, “Pipe Slope”, and “Drop Across Structure” are also included.

My plan was to use a developed python script to:

  1. Bring in the pipes from selection
  2. Set the initial invert
  3. Apply user input slope to first pipe to get the next invert
  4. Use this invert plus a drop across the structure to get the starting invert for the next pipe
  5. this process continues for each pipe in the selection.

I am a novice at developing loops within python, so any help with the development of the python script is much appreciated! Feel free to critique my current plan/script to make it better/more efficient. The related files are attached.

Part Catalog Test Drawing 08.dwg (4.3 MB)
JJH_PipeNetworkElevationDesign.dyn (31.7 KB)

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Since you’re posting on the Dynamo forum, I’m assuming you’re looking for a Dynamo solution. However, I have to ask…have you tried Project Explorer? It might save you some effort.

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I will look into that and maybe that is a better option. My group is more familiar with running dynamo graphs that project explorer, so I was just exploring the difficulty in having a dynamo workflow for this. Thank you for the tip!

Nice work, that’s impressive!

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I went down a similar path to create something like this. Here’s a link to a DesignScript solution that could be used to calculate inverts after a drop along a length of pipes.

As for Project Explorer, it had a bug that would disconnect the pipe from the structure after setting the grades along a length. Not sure if that’s been fixed.