Outputting Pile (Structural Column) X,Y Coordinates from Revit to a schedule

Hi All,

I am very new to dynamo, and visual programming in general.

I have seen the endless possibilities related to using dynamo and have been wanting to start using it for a while.

So I thought I’d jump right in and start with something simple.

The simple application is that Revit only seems to be able to schedule using references from grids using the column location parameter. ‘A(-275)8(-100)’ would be the output for example. However, as many already know, when it comes to the contractor working on site, they want a co-ordinate for each pile. All I want is for Dynamo to read the co-ordinate of each pile (or column) and put it into a table in excel. To reiterate, I do not want to set out piles using excel as many other posts have shown.

So, I think I am almost there in that I have selected the elements I want, separated them out into their own pile marks and almost created the list that I want. All I’m missing is the X and Y co-ordinates of these elements.

I seem to be stuck in terms of the right nodes to choose to do this, I have seem people using Element.Location to separate the Point.X and Point.Y nodes but I cannot seem to find this.

Does anybody know why this is?

Do these nodes relate to the wrong family?

Am I completely wrong altogether?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have spent a couple of hours on this now and I am slowly losing sanity



Hi @scottgriffs
Point X and Point Y need to be fed points in order to return their X and Y coordinates . In your example you’re feeding them Element Ids .

Element.location is a node in Clockwork package. you can download it from the package manager.

otherwise, you can do it like this (Element.GetLocation is a built in node in dynamo 1.2) :


What if the XY coordinates are wrong? If I compare the output of the dynamo script and a spot annotation they are completely different

I know this is an old post put I got a script to work for my project I was working on.
Parameters must be shared parameters to schedule out.

This one all elements of a category:

This one will for current selected elements:

Hope these help anyone that come across