Pick a point to place revit family

I am new to this forum. I am trying to prompt a user to click a point (x, Y) on project screen and going to using it as a reference point to place a hanger family,

any help is appreciated

Select model element should work here.

I think select model element will select element. not a reference point to place a family.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

It will allow you to select any model element. I’m assuming you have a reference point in the model for them to select.

I don’t have a reference point in the model. I have an elevation from pipe. but no reference point for X and Y. its a trapeze hanger. I am trying to place the hanger where the user is clicking on the screen.

The user can’t click on a point along an element. Try utilizing a slider to allow for percent along pipe, or mathematical placement (ie: every 8’-0" centered on the pipe) instead.

I have 5 pipes on a rack. so how can I make it work at that case? 5 pipes is a case, number of pipes may vary.

@Mr_Purushothaman_Mun The node :snowflake:_Pick Points on Workplane in the package Sastrugi does what you’re describing but I’d also recommend a calculated placement to place them exactly.

Here is an example of what @awilliams is suggesting.
Uses two nodes for input:

  • :snowflake:_Pick Points on Workplane
  • :snowflake:_Sketchplane By Face

(Both from the Sastrugi package)



Thank you guys. I will give a try and let you know.

I tried as you suggested, but the list has two points where my hanger is reading the second one on the list.

Also, I am getting some errors now. Please feel free to ask me if you need the dyn file.

Thank you so much for spending your very valuable time for me.

I´m not sure if it apply to your workflow but I needed once to take points in the proyect and I went to adaptativ family.

First I did create an adaptativ family that contains just the Points (in my case were 3). Dynamo look for all the instances of the family and then with AdaptativeComponen.Locations retrieve a list with all the points always in order.

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First, you will need to get the Family Type of the Family Instance (created hanger at point) before using the All Elements of Family Type node.

Second, you will need to do this after the hanger has been created. Possibly, by using the Passthrough node from #clockwork