Order of selection of reference points?

Hi guys. I’ve been working on a project that requires the placement of reference points in the revit environment for manipulation in Dynamo. Last night it was working fine, but when I rebooted Revit this morning the order of the list of points had gone awry. Currently I am using the “get all elements of type” and converting them to points, but I suppose Revit’s Draw order may be adversely effecting this. Is there a way to select multiple reference points on the revit canvas to maintain a desired list order (I’m thinking similar to grasshopper’s “select multiple points” option in its nodes)? This is what I have currently and you can see the nurbs spaghetti I have in the background.

Thanks in advance!





I’ve realised what is happening, other geometry I’ve drawn on the canvas is also coming in as reference points at the vertices. I’ve used a list.slice to get only those points that I want for this particular piece of geometry. Still would be nice to know if there’s an option for multiple single element selection. The Select model elements node doesn’t seem to work.