Select several elements in Revit (loop)

At work I needed to have a graph via which I could find the specific locations of a couple of elements in Revit. Currently the graph works via Sastrugi’s “Pick Points on Workplane” (which allows you to click on several locations in the Revit file and get the locations) and it’s already been incredibly helpful.

However, currently the people using this graph via Dynamo player have to consistently click precisely on the upper left corner of the element. I was wondering if I could create a Python node which would allow me to click on elements which would then result in getting these elements as outputs, in the order I clicked on them, being able to select a specific element more than once is also essential.

I was imagining it like being able to put “select model elements” in a loop in Python until you’d press escape or something. I hope it’s possible to create something like this.

Thanks in advance!

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Check the code of the SelectElementsInOrder node from springs. Alternatively I remember Rhythm had a similar node where you could add a category filter, however the name escapes me.


I have to say I can’t find it.

Are you using an old version of the package? If so the old name of the node was SelectElements(ordered)

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So, I looked at the Rhythm package and found the node solated Pick model elements(ordered) and it’s exactly what I needed.