How to specify the coordinates of the dynamo point from the model space?

How do I upload the coordinates of a point to the Dynamo script to create a family by clicking on the building plan? How can I replace the area circled in yellow in the script with a click on the plan?

Plan, script and family - Динамо.7z — Яндекс.Диск

Hello @ankofl and welcome…you could try something here…

Here I used the “Select Model Element” node and clicked on the line in Revit (on the left in the green box)

Thank @Alien and @sovitek or the answers, now I will try to implement your advice at home. Is it possible to implement these functions with standard Dynamo-Revit nodes?

My suggestions is custom nodes,but you could try as @Alien show or use ootb nodes select point on face…good luck

Thank you for the answers! The solution provided by @sovitek orks almost as needed. But there is a problem - after each restart of the script and specifying new points, the script or the revit itself removes objects previously created by the script from the plan. How can I save previously placed families on the plan, and at the same time create points to indicate new families? Thank you in advance for your help!

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Yes thats element binding…take a look here it have a great explanation…Element Binding in Revit or try to run from player…

another option could be this one here from Spring…

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As @sovitek mentioned, run from Dynamo Player, a fast workaround if I am not mistaken, is unhooking the Point input connector from the node FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel, run the script to report an error (this would fix the previously created families to the document), then connect the Point input again to create new families.

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