Pick point on the Revit element

Hi all,

I want to pick a point on the edge or on the face. But it is picking the point on the working plane. My revit element is placed below than that of working plane by giving offset below from the working plane. If I pick the point using select point on face, it is picking the point on the work plane not on the face or edge of revit element. I have cross checked it by spot elevation in revit. what ever the point is picked in dynamo, It is picking on the work plane. I have checked it in the z coordinate value.

So I want pick a point on exactly the face in which level it is placed, not on the working plane. Please let me know

Hi @shashank.baganeACM ,

Could you maybe share your graph and some screenshots so we can help you out?

The API for PickPoint is limited. It uses the current work plane. That’s just what it does.
So your option would be to first set the work plane to the desired face. Then PickPoint().

Or you could translate the point on the work plan to the desired face.

Prompts the user to pick a point on the active work plane using specified snap settings while showing a custom status prompt string.

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HI PFA of script and let me know.
Spot elevation.dyn (41.4 KB)

If this is not a repetitive task
I would use an adaptive family here with just one point
Then use the point of the adaptive to place another element on, and delete the adaptive afterwards.
I don’t know what comes after finding the point on the element tho