PDF export with Layers directly from Revit

Hi everyone! I am trying to create a workflow that creates pdf files with layers from Revit. The problem is that I can do it only in two steps: first a dwg export from Revit and then a pdf export from Autocad.
Is there another way (Script?) to export the pdf with layers directly from Revit? The goal would be to create the pdf in such a way, that I should not open Autocad.
Does anyone have an idea?

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Do you mean worksets?

I mean Revit categories. I want to convert the Revit categories into dwg layers and than create a pdf included the layer information. Pdf file should than contain the Revit categories (like on the picture)

No. This is a function of Revit and the PDF driver. One could theoretically write a print driver to do what you’re asking (theoretically). But I don’t know of one that can do that. Bluebeam doesn’t.

Best option s export to a DWF. Several PDF apps will convert a DWF to PDF.

Thanks for answer, I will try the DWF export.