Create Revit elements automatically with Dynamo from Autocad


I’m starting a project that aims to read coordinates of Autocad. The idea is to create Revit elements automatically (Floor, beams, walls, etc) . Development this project with Dynamo is possible ?. Maybe have to develop it in VB .Net. Please your recommendation.


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In short yes and no. I don’t think it can directly interact with a .dwg filetype but you can work with exploded imports or with a bit of scripting, Excel exports from AutoCad.

In a recent similar situation I needed to generate basic existing plans for a project. It was an extremely simply layout and approach but it worked great and saved me some time.

Note that if your looking to generate a Revit model from a 3d wireframe the approach will be different as the import/explode will flatten in Revit.

The following is the procedure and definition I used:

Dynamo - Framing - Import from 2d dwg plan reference (1)

Dynamo - Framing - Import from 2d dwg plan reference (2)


A couple of other tips for generating large quantities of native Revit elements with Dynamo:

Include a node to disable the analytical model. If there are tens of thousands of framing elements that can slow down performance.

Also include some nodes to map to the appropriate structural usage if you are using that to drive graphic styles (beams, braces, girders, joists) etc


FWIW I also used this same process for vector based pdf imports into Revit. Basically some cases I have access to the pdf files but not .dwg content. Using bluebeam and powerpoint to extract the vector data you can end up with a .dwg file and continue with the steps above. That workflow is:

Dynamo - From PDF


Hello Jeff

Thank you very much for responding.

The start I thought use excel files with the coordenates the autocad, but maybe is very complicated.

I will implement your’s solution. Is a great idea.





Your example worked fine !!.

Now I am trying to create “Floor” but get the following error. The lines in Revit are “explode”.

Please your help.

Thank you very much.problems_floor


Hello David Martinez,

Is it possible for you to share your revit and dyn file. I would like to try that on my side.

Or You can extract first Curve from PolyCurve and try creating one Floor at a time, just to see if you can create one Floor.



Hi Ritesh:

Share files.

Thank you very much for your help.


Structure Generator (Floor)

This question has already been answered here:

Jeff, thanks for the tip on Bluebeam to Autocad, that’s an interesting process. We have used an Autocad to Revit script, but not the latter. Thanks!

Hello Jeff,

Could I aks you to share please the explanation graphic in a bigger format (I can’t read anything))))).

It would be great!