Export DWG & DWF Sheets

Hi everyone

I’m trying to automate issuing the sheets by using dynamo to create a folder, print to pdf (covered thanks to Archilab nodes), export dwg and dwf. Can that be done ?


I’m been meaning start a script which goes into a REVIT file, grabs a sheet and automatically exports it to CAD. It’s a routine operation in our office but I haven’t had time to attempt it yet. I’ll be watching this thread for hints.


It’s possible.

@Konrad Can you tell me how ?

That wasn’t the question.

Is it possible? Yes.

How? It’s a little bit more involved and I don’t have a ready answer for it. Sorry.

I’ll give it a shot using Python and will update. Thanks Konrad, I use your packages almost daily.

It’s a short but encouraging answer :slight_smile: Can you elaborate on how DWG exports can be automized using either Dynamo (revit 2014) of Python?

I want to export 3D DWG based on workset. Thanks anyway…